HBCU Computer Science Department Chairs’ Hackathon

We believe that the time is even more opportune for like-minded organizations develop more tangible strategies and partnerships to support and train our respective audiences.  The moment is upon us to more deliberately and without shame or reservation wrap services around our youth and young adults.  I believe we share this urgency and desire to do more than we have done before.
To that end, on behalf of BDPA and our HBCU College Advisory Board, is host our inaugural “HBCU Computer Science Department Chairs’ Hackathon”, held during our 42th Annual National BDPA Technology Conference and Career Fair on August 20-22. 



To engage chairpersons of Computing Departments from various HBCUs to develop solutions to providing STEM-focused students additional opportunities, resources, and support to increase likelihood of success post undergraduate education.

Target audience

BDPA leadership, Industry Partners (ie Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, etc), and the HBCU Computing Department Chairs.


Chairpersons (and appropriate faculty) will engage in real-time solutioning workshops to provide strategic and tactical solutions for student preparedness.

Workshop Topics:

  • Workshops A: Positioning alternatives like boot camps at HBCUs 
  • Workshop B: Increase digital transformation awareness at HBCUs
  • Workshop C: Ensuring student career success
  • Workshop D: Chartering BDPA chapters at HBCUs

Expected Outcomes:

  • Build stronger coalition amongst computing department chairs and industry partners.
  • Increased awareness of alternative technological skill learning patterns (ie boot camps).
  • Align on best practices for exposing students and faculty to digital trends (ie automation, analytics, machine learning, AI).
  • Deepened awareness of BDPA, its resources, and chapter development process.

Summary and Next Steps

Along with the rewarding satisfaction of providing solutions and engaging with other HBCU faculty and students during the workshops, each Chairperson who commits to participating will be able to select 3 of her/his students to attend vBDPA2020 via sponsorship by one of the BDPA benefactors ($250 value). 

  1. Complete the following HBCU Hackathon Registration expressing your interest by July 20th 
  2. Visit BDPA2020.com to explore the virtual experiences available for you and your students.
  3. Hold Aug 20-22 on your calendar. 

4. A BDPA official will contact you in 48 hours to help you complete your registration.


Complete the form by clicking the link below by July 20th.

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