Small Pitch Competition

Sponsored by 83 Ventures

The Small Pitch Competition is intended to award young technologists and aspiring entrepreneurs seed money to advance a product or service. The Small Pitch Competition is your opportunity to win a nominal amount of seed capital for your business idea. 

What you need to know:

1. Must be between the ages of 16 and 22 to participate


2. Must be prepared to pitch to a panel of judges an original business idea based on any technology product you have created or plan to develop (i.e. software, mobile application, service, etc.)


3. Prepare a brief one page written summary of what you plan to pitch:

  • Include your name / company name

  • Brief narrative of what you plan to pitch

  • Why you should be selected as a finalist

  • Email submission to by August 10, 2020

4. After reviewing entrees, a total of 5 individuals and/or teams to compete for the $2500 will be notified via email by August 10, 2020


5. During the live competition on Friday August 20, 2020, the following will occur:

  • There will be two rounds of competition

  • Only 3 individuals/teams will make it to the second and final round

  • During the first round you will have exactly a max of 2 minute to pitch to the judges

  • If you make it to the second round, you then will have a max of only 1 minute to present your final pitch

  • Judges will be allowed to ask clarifying questions about your business, financials, value proposition, etc. So be very prepared!


6. The winner will be selected by the judges after the final pitch.

Some helpful tips:


At minimum, your pitch for the Small Pitch Competition should include the following:

    • A stated problem or business opportunity
    • Brief overview of your product/service
    • Target market
    • Value Proposition/Differentiation
    • Business Model
    • Team / Management

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